Singapore Social Escorts is one of top PREMIER escort agencies in Singapore providing fun, sexy ladies ranging from your Girl Next Door to FHM/Maxim/Playeur and magazine models as well as international models from all over the world.

As our service Guarantee, we DO NOT do pass-offs, we DO NOT do photoshop and all the pix ARE representative of the escorts as we do the photography in house.
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Only for those who go for the most elite escorts and have the budget to match. SG VIP models start from 2500 SGD and may hit rates of 100,000 SGD for celebrity level escorts.

Gorgeous and classy, they are only for the top clients willing to pay for the best……
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Among the best in the public section. SG models command premium pricing from 1000 SGD to 1500 SGD for an hour of incredible fun and fireworks.

Superbly groomed and coupled with stunning looks and fabulously desirable. Book them NOW for the experience where the word GREAT seems so inadequate....
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While playing 2nd fiddle to SG Models, SG Babes can hold their own in terms of the value for money rates starting from 450 SGD to 1500 SGD for non stop hourly fun.

They are young, fun-loving and also come well groomed outfits while at the same time providing clients with experiences that exceed expectations
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Office tease by day and nymphomaniacs by night, SG Office Ladies range from 500 to 1500 SGD and some can even be of model quality if not for their day time jobs which prevents them from actively pursuing a modelling career

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