How do I become a GMC (Gentleman's Club) or XVIP member ?

GMC membership is only granted upon putting a deposit of 5000 SGD with the agency that will be drawn-down for future bookings or if you have spent at least 5000 SGD with the agency in a 3 month time frame

XVIP membership is granted only on a pure discretionary basis and is based on your booking pattern at the agency.

If you are not prepared to spend 2000 SGD minimum for the FIRST Hour, please do not ask for XVIP access.

What are the benefits ?

You get full access to the top models and will also get invited to private events.

Also, to help you manage your busy schedule, we also provide concierge services (e.g. booking of rooms, arrangement of drinks etc) should you require them. Do note that we charge 80 SGD on top of any reimbursements for the time and effort taken to fulfil client requests.

There are over 20 top models/celebrities/movie starlets in the XVIP section.

What are the modes of payment ?

Cash payment in SGD is the most acceptable. If you want to pay in Euro, USD or JPY, please let us know in ADVANCE. 

We accept cash deposit/bank transfer to any of these banks in Singapore, DBS and UOB

Let us know your preference, do note that payment MUST clear in the account before I proceed.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, there is a 10% surcharge and you may be required to sign a non-refundable/no-dispute agreement when the escort arrive for large amounts if you are a new client. 

What are the services provided ?
As an escort agency, we are only charging for the time spent with the escort, any activities that occur behind closed doors are between you and the escort and are between 2 legally consenting adults and should not be implied or taken as a paid service.

Furthermore, there is no further payment requested either from the agency or from the escort. You can contact me personally for further clarifications.

Can I meet/preview the escort as I am not sure if I will like her ?

Sorry, we are an escort agency, not a dating or chatline company. You have to base your selection on the profile given in the site.

Can I see her photo ?

We do not provide photos. Period. This is a favourite question of clients but the truth is that we ourselves DO NOT have facial pictures of the ladies. You have to base your selection on what is given on this website.

I am XXX , am very rich and can give you a lot of business , can you give me the access for your top gals?

Since you are sincere and rich, I am sure that 5000 SGD deposit is not an issue for you. Also please take note of this statement when dealing with our agency…
"It is NOT how rich the client is , it is HOW MUCH the client spends at my agency that makes u a VIP"

Please be advised that you need to make a booking to offset the deposit as we do not have a refund policy to prevent clients from doing a "free show" on the agency.

Why have my XVIP access dropped off?

There are 2 reasons why your access have been invalidated.

1 reason is that you have not made any booking for the last 3 months. (Clients who have total spend of 25k in one year are exempted)

The 2nd reason is that you have contravened our XVIP rules and regulations , with the most common being attempting to solicit for the escort's contact and dealing directly and/or showing off to others not authorised to view the XVIP sections.

Another reason is that you have NEVER booked any VIP gals and only stick to models and below. If you do not book VIP gals, then it is only logical you do not need VIP access.