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As an Escort

Open minded girls of any nationality or race above 18 years of age are invited to join us and to be part of our team. Our management style is open, transparent, friendly and flexible.

We work according to your schedule and will maintain your privacy at all times.

We believe that your escort life and personal life are as day and night, and we will assist you to achieve your objectives so that you may continue to lead your life as you intended, and at the same time have the lifestyle you desire.

You may choose to  contact us by phone or email.

Do note that as an agency, you are employing us as your agent and any liabilities legal, financial or otherwise are to be borne by the escort as we are simply acting as your agent in getting the relevant clients for you.

Selected candidate will have her escorts pictures professionally styled and captured without revealing your identity . For established magazine models/starlets/celebs, no photo-shoot is required.

And if we feel you have what it takes, we will promote you via our affiliations with reputable modeling agencies and popular magazines for men published in Singapore and in the region.

As our model escort, you will command premium rates, meet exclusive & successful gentlemen, have frequent events to look forward too to boost your escort and model career, and the unique opportunity to gain financial freedom and a lifestyle that is the envy of many!

To join us, simply drop us an email at with your bio-data and pictures for consideration.

Please note we only employ
female escorts at this point of time.

As our Talent Scout

We are always on the lookout for exclusive girls to join our team. If you have someone in mind, recommend her to us.

Every successful introduction will earn you either a commission on every successful bookings or an introduction fee ranging from S$200 to S$2000.

Terms and conditions apply.