Visa/Mastercard Payment
Please note there is a 10% surcharge for all credit card transactions below 500 SGD and a 5% surcharge for all amounts above 500 SGD (waived for all VIP clients)

Furthermore, any credit card refund will be done less 10% or 100 SGD whichever is the higher.

You may either pay by VISA/Mastercard as per below.

1. Text/email us your email address.

2. We will send you the payment link

3. Click on it and key in your card details . (Please note that we NEVER have your card details, your details are handled by the card processor)

4. Ensure that your MOBILE phone number as registered with your credit card issuing company/bank is up to date and is ABLE to receive SMS in Singapore.

5. After input you will received an AUTHORIZATION CODE from your bank via SMS. Please input the code and the transaction should go through.

6. For all
foreign card holders, please note that you may need to notify your bank first that you are doing a transaction in Singapore as most USA/Europe/Middle East banks have security parameters for transactions done in Asia.

For all card transactions, please transact before the escort arrives so as to ensure that the card can go through first . We can void/refund all card transactions before 12 am on the same day where necessary.

You will be billed under consultancy charges for discretion purposes on your card statement =)

For amounts above 5000 SGD for NEW clients, we may require a copy of your passport/ID to prevent chargebacks .

Please contact me for further clarifications