VIP Membership
VIP membership is divided into two different access levels, namely Gentleman Club access and XVIP access.

Gentleman Club Access

1. To get GMC access, you need to book at least two models from the Models or VIP models section OR place a XVIP deposit of 5000 SGD as per the XVIP access criteria.

2. You will be able to access the following areas : SG Models, SG babes, SG Office Ladies , SG Matures ladies and International Escorts.

3. Do note that if there is no booking for a period of 12 months, your access will be terminated.

XVIP access

1.There are another 12-20 top level escorts in the VIP area ranging from international starlets, local starlets and top commercial models. Prices range from 2500 to 100,000 SGD and is only for the SERIOUS escort hobbyist

2. You need to either book at least TWO VIP models from the public section or place a deposit of 5000 SGD (that can be offset against bookings) to get access. Do note that the deposit is only valid for TWO months and is NON-REFUNDABLE (we do not do free "show and tell")

3. Please be totally
DISCREET with the access . We have banned clients before and blacklist them with other agencies for clients who share access with non member or the escorts themselves or even try to approach the starlets on their own.

4. We will forfeit the deposit if there is breach of any confidentiality or actions that are not business friendly to the agency (e.g. trying to solicit the gal's contact etc)

5. XVIP access will drop off with only GMC access level offered if there is no booking in 60 days.

6. Foreign clients not based in SG and clients who have spend at least 25,000 SGD in a year do not get access termination unless there is no booking in 12 months.